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Picked up some 'alenuihaha from Pua Mana Ohana Seedbank website when I placed my order for Caramel Kona Coffee Cookies. Boy am I glad I did!! ALE is huge, covered in crystals and smells like a troical candy commercial filmed on a beach in Hawaii. Both CKCC and ALE will be around for years to come.

Caramel Kona Coffee Cookies

Since I've become a fanboy for Pua Mana Ohana genetics, their Carmel Kona Coffee Cookies are absolutely delicious, hard hitting, beautiful buds, hard, and so blazing!! Mine (plants) are still cooking in flower, but I gave some clones away, of these and some 98 Aloha WW, only the CKCC's was ready when I saw the gardener I gave them to. I did not tell my wife, about them at all. We always partake after she gets home from work. I'll be doing the twisty as she tells me about her day, since I do help cover sometimes when someone does not show up to work, if they need me, but I do not work there regular. So I know everyone there, she gets 2 cups of coffee ready as twist. I fire it up, an she's telling me about someone being stupid, and it had her so worked up, she is trying to finish the sentence, as I hand the joint to her, she keeps talking, I give her the bogart sign, like go ahead and hit it dear! She keeps plowing on and finally hits it good and hard, a heck of a pull!! She sits, forward a bit, looks over still holding it by the way, and her eyes go big, and she just exhales and sighs all at once, saying 'what the hell is this'!! Took her right out of that mood, into a 'OMG that is so freaking delicious!!' She never talked anymore about work that night!! That joint completely rearranged her brain, being happy, elated, very bubbly, like instantaneously, we just laughed so hard when we talked about how quick she changed. If you looking to go from pissed to perky, I found it! CKCC's will be living with us for a long time to come.