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AYR Cannabis Dispensary - Bradenton

I got a Sativa G pen gio and it has been causing extreme anxiety and my medical marijuana doctor told me to get off the sativa I have one cartridge that is full and they refused to exchange it for a different strain telling me that I could only exchange if it was a manufacturer problem it didn’t matter what the effects were causing me. So sad this is how a patient is treated. No wonder it’s empty every time I go!

Trulieve - Bradenton

Trulieve is my go to. I love my home location, it’s small and in an old building but has a great atmosphere and warmth about it. The lighting is the best (I go in with headaches often) and the first two blue chairs are the best if you have back problems! They have fresh water for you and Kevin is always at the door keeping you and your vehicle safe. Matt runs a good team right now and I couldn’t be happier. I appreciate the compassionate care discount because I was out of work so much since breaking my back. (4-5vertebrae) I’ve had many ups and downs and trulieve has really been there for me on my recovery/healing journey. I think I might love them dude. 🙃

MÜV - Sarasota - Fruitville

I really like this company, they’re professional, kind, knowledgeable & trustworthy. The only thing I could ever ask is for a compassionate care discount for those of us who have had a hard time working and get benefits due to injuries and what not. I do appreciate that they let you use their first time patient discounts at renewal. I would shop there more often if it wasn’t such a drive. They’re great.

Curaleaf - Sarasota

This was my second visit perhaps third even..they are always nice and welcoming very friendly. Today my patient consultant really went above and beyond I wish I got his name for this but it was 2/1 at 11:29 am my name is ashley. He was super helpful and took great care of me. He actually seemed concerned about my pain level and that felt nice because no one usually does lol thank you.