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CBD Plus USA - Mustang - CBD Only

I came into the mustang location which I must say had some really awesome staff and it’s a good quality products for a great price. I’ve been doing cbd shopping around other places and found this place to be the most well trusted cbd store. I’ve tried using other products but never found the relief like I did when I tried the Colorado Cures. I’ve tried everything from the Kratom to their edibles and oils even some smokeable and breatheable products. I was getting a 750 mg full spectrum oil and for the same price over at CBD plus USA I was able to get a 1500 mg and was able to make what was a 30 day supply into a 60 day supply. Even just stopping in the store and not buying a thing was awesome because they were very willing to share a lot of knowledge they had and answer all my questions. I am now aware of how cbd oil will work in my body and how it will affect me dosing wise. I had a absolute terrific experience!

CBD Plus USA - Classen - CBD Only

If you haven’t stopped in one of these yet, you definitely need to. They have helped me with a number of different things such as muscle cramps, anxiety, soreness, and insomnia. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a good night of rest. I haven’t been able to sleep well for quite a long time. I’m what you call a restless sleeper. It’s hard getting to sleep but as soon as I picked up a CBD oil. I was going to bed no problem at all which allowed me to be able to get up in the mornings without feeling so groggy and tired. I have already recommended this to several of my friend and family!

CBD Plus USA - OKC MacArthur - CBD Only

I’ve been to several of these cbd plus locations and found all of them to be very clean, knowledgeable staff, and great variety of different helpful products. I would recommend people come in and try it out. Hot pain cream is AMAZING and I can’t stress that enough.

CBD Plus USA - Yukon - CBD Only

Cbd is a medicine of its own. It gives people great medical benefits and its improved the quality of life with so many people I know personally. It’s amazing when you hear someone has found great relief when using cbd. I will continue to use cbd and hope some others will stop in and give a shot to!