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Phantom Cookies

This is by far my favorite strain! I have never before smoked any weed that completely and totally killed all my pain. Ever. I know a lady who recently had her foot amputated and she had me bringing her this strain saying it was the only thing that helped the pain. The pain relief only lasts about an hour or so, but it kills all pain better than any opiate I've ever encountered. Now as for the high... If I smoke only a little, it gets my creativity flowing and energizes me. If I smoke a whole blunt, it gives me a complete head and body high often ending in couch lock. It's not a bad feeling though. As far as growing goes, this strain is not for amateurs. Phantom Cookies takes its time and seems to flower an exceptionally long time. My flowered 10 weeks before harvest and honestly I could have gone another week. Pay close attention to the trichomes at the end of flower. You don't want too many amber colored. About 30% Amber and the rest a milky color is best. This strain grows very tall so indoor growers may want to scrog their buds. Beautiful strain, it is well worth the wait on the buds and the patience and skill it takes to grow.