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Oregon's Green Rush

I just purchased a $15 gram of Cherry Pie BHO produced by "Les DEGENERATE Brand" and I want to say this is, without doubt, the worst oil I have ever purchased from a dispensary. I am truly appalled that they would buy/sell a batch of oil that has been blasted at least twice. The oil is very dark green around the edges and is black in thicker amounts. It tastes like straight chlorophyll and has little to no effect whatsoever. I had to consume 3x normal normal amount to experience any effects. I have extracted enough oil to know what a 2nd or 3rd run tastes and looks like, this is exactly that. I mean, it is only $15, but if I would have taken a look at it first and smelled all the chlorophyll, I would have never purchased this product. I sincerely hope the other $15 gram selection has more quality control than whoever purchased this batch of throwaway oil. Other than that, Oregon's Green rush is a beautiful, well-presented dispensary with a good selection of strains and products to choose from. They do have a small, but beautiful flower collection always stocked. Just be weary about those $15 BHO grams...


Candyland is the perfect strain. Now, there are many different phenotypes that swing through the full spectrum (sativa-indicates), but when you find that one, that one with the perfect sativa lift-off and grounding body stone, you know right away this is some of the best medicine in the world. The effects come on immediately as you are greeted with a almost-literal punch to your frontal lobe which blasts you off through a magical world of hapiness and giggles, then the stomach starts to warm up. We're talking full-blown narcotic-like euphoria radiating and building throughout the body, extending to your limbs. Your muscles relax, your nervous system gets a break and your body promotes a very heavy relaxation. All the while your mind is swelling up like a balloon, as if you r conscious is floating away. The intense pulling sensation on your body from the GDP, and that insanely strong balloon-headed, uplifting sativa high from the BPGSC, makes you feel as if you are having an out of body experience. Once you can comprehend reality again, you will fun yourself very motivated and energized, despite not being able to feel your body unless you think about it. You find yourself effortlessly gliding along as if you are just a floating head lol. Trippy, but also calming. The high CBG content of Candyland has been shown to repair damaged cells and the fine muscle linings of your intestines, making this a stand-out strain for treatment of gastrointestinal issues such as IBS, IBD, cancer etc. It has incredible strong muscle-relaxant and anti-anxiety properties due to the high CBG to THC ratio. If you are looking looking for the calm often found with benzodiazepines, look no further, Candyland quiets the loudest of minds and truly forces a positive state of mind on you. Generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, and OCD will be obliterated with the helping hamd of Candyland. Say goodbye to dark thoughts and melancholy, for it will be a thing of the past, and in the past it shall remain. For Candyland is your new anti-depressant. The nerve pain relief you receive is akin to narcotics, due to high CBG:THC. Truly an all around strain. I can go on forever, but time is of an essence, Star Child. Happy Tokes, -432