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MedMen - Beverly Hills

When it comes to reliable brand like THC Design they are selling 3.5 jar for $75 while everywhere else is 50-55 flat out the door. When it comes to their generic brand like those gummy by edipure it’s a total waste of money because it have zero high and to me it just a plain gummy. Although on their site they advertise 100% customers satisfaction if you are not happy with their product, they don’t care in reality and won’t lift their finger. Overall I would go shop elsewhere and won’t recommend them .

BARC- Beverly Alternative Relief Collective

Horrible customer service specifically a guy name Jose whose unhelpful, arrogant and above all don’t know the first thing on products they sell. Also stay away from what they push you to buy, a vape call heavy hitter they are worthless and generate zero effect. I was sold two of them northern and orange Malibu as help for insomnia, it felt like I inhaled air that all it did burned down my chest and zero high nor sleep aid effet. Also keep in mind they don’t do any exchanges or store credit and they give bad advise. Not recommended at all. My experience is $40 in the trash cane!

Northern Lights

I suffer of insomnia and i was sold this a heavy sleeping thing but it had a reverse effect on me: 1- kept me up all night 2- was burning the chest to inhale like a cheap weed 3- It give a hangover the next morning and a mild headache. I used vipe from trabilizer companion brand Suck suck suck.