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Ascend Cannabis - Collinsville

So for all the Recreational Smokers out there. I’ll answer a few questions I know I had before going to HCI. The experience goes like this. They have good 4-5 horizontal lines, just like waiting for Mr Freeze or Batman rides at six flags. Once those are full, the rest of the line continues down the side road adjacent to the interstate. Parking is a NIGHTMARE as one can expect. I managed to sneak into a closed business (since it’s Sunday) that did not have a “no parking sign” like the others, so I didn’t fear getting towed, otherwise.. be prepared for a mile or more walk! —we showed up a good hour or more before it opened at 10am. We were just about 10 or so people from the end of the fence lines, so we did not have to wait in the street. Once in line you’ll be given a menu on a paper, medical marijuana card information, and state/local rules and laws. — as you get to the front of the line, a few workers are there with iPads, you place your order with them, and give them your first name and two first letters of your last name, as you wait to enter the building, their already packaging and pulling your order. — as you enter, a security guard will scan your ID! NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE ID RULES. Cannot be expired, can’t be broken or messed up, and has to be a government issued drivers license, ID CARD, Military ID Card or a Passport. They were turning people away pretty consistently for this and made no exceptions to the rule for anyone! — you finally get to enter the building now and stay in the lobby, nothing happens here, your waiting for the back room to empty out a bit before heading to the “room” — as you enter the back, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Theirs all kinds of upper scale vape pens, bubblers, pipes, papers, bongs, Dab Rigs, blunt wraps etc etc. but all carry a hefty price tag. If you buy a certain kind of concentrate, you’ll have to use THEIR pen, I believe it was the Airopro vape carts, as they are expensive for the cart so just stick with the regular carts that have a 510 connection, the airopro isn’t worth the money! — you get to the counter, hand them your ID again, and he takes your name and finds your order. He goes over everything with you to make sure he pulled exactly what you wanted! (They ONLY had one flower strain that was actually “flower” and it was lemon sapphire for 65$ an eighth, they also had strawberry 17 but in “shake” for 42 an eighth plus taxes) — you can use CASH OR DEBIT CARD ONLY, no credit card purchases! He hands you your sealed bags and edibles or whatever else you purchased and out the door you go. DO NOT OPEN YOUR BAG UNTIL YOUR HOME. Cops were everywhere and I’m sure their ticked off about a dispensary opening up literally right next to their police station. So their looking for any reason to harass you, and if you open your bag, they could charge you with a DUI (they probably won’t but who cares to find out)! Just wait til you return home and enjoy! ——all in all I was very displeased with the selection, ONE SINGLE flower strain is unacceptable! And it wasn’t that they ran out, because they only had TWO to begin with! But the medical patients have a plethora of strains and options, but their stuff is kept separate from hours! Not cool! I did however weigh the bags and they were ALLL on point! Eighths bounced from 3.48 on one bag to 3.56 on another and the shake was over about a 10th of a gram.. to about 3.6-3.7! —-TAXES ARE INSANE depending on what you buy because it varies greatly! From what I understand, the higher the THC content, the higher the tax! I didn’t buy any concentrate because I’m stocked up at this point, but my quarter ounce (65$x2) (only allowed get 2 eighths of flower, per person) of lemon sapphire and a box of chocolates (25$) came out to 155$ but THEY ROUND UP! So it was 160$ before tax and after tax was 180$! Bring cash, they charge a 3.00$ fee for debit purchases! But you can split between cash and card if needed! All in all the WERE AWESOME! At moving the line quickly! From start to finish we were there exactly an hour! From the time it opened. 105-125 total minutes counting us arriving early. The place was absolutely gorgeous on the inside and well maintained! But can’t wait for the “bud bar” to open so we can actually have a variety of strains and see what we’re buying before hand as the bags are all closed unless you buy shake, and we all know what that looks like! MY ONLY GRIPE BESIDES SELECTION IS THE LEMON SAPPHIRE IS WET AS HECK! They literally harvested it 2 days ago, and it’s not been properly dried! So INSTEAD of enjoying my purchase, I’m forced to dry it myself! THAT SHOULD NOT BE THE CASE WHEN PRICES ARE THIS HIGH! At 80$-ish an eighth.. I SHOULD HAVE TOP NOTCH 30+% flower that’s ready to be consumed immediately after purchase! But I understand with the amount of business they can only do so much! Other than that, everyone was polite and extremely nice, and let’s be honest, they should be! Their the monopoly around our area right now, and their making insane amounts of money with above premium prices, for below premium quality! 1000 plus people a day, buying that much stuff, they should be stocking top shelf strains for the non medical patients! Enjoy! And my advice. Don’t waste your time right now until they get some better flower in! The lemon sapphire is NOT worth 75-80$ an eighth but ANY stretch of the imagination! But it is 23-ish % flower so it’ll do the trick!! I placed one bud in my dryer to enjoy it sooner than the others, and it’s a smooth strain, milky white smoke, easy on the lungs, not much “fruity” flavor but not a brick weed taste by any stretch! Super average mid tier strain! Nothing more nothing less! Hopefully this answers some questions as no one else did this and took the time! Enjoy and be ready for those long cold lines! #lightupIllinois2020