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LOVA Edgewater

Criminal Bait and Switch, went down there twice after calling to confirm they had my order only to be told they didn't have it and that if I wanted what I ordered it would be almost double the price. I was also told they are trying to phase out medical and made me feel like I was crap for trying to get my order. So sad as I have been a loyal customer since they first opened and have gone out of my way to remain loyal. I have now been blacklisted because I had the nerve to complain about my treatment. Just another dispensary that has fallen to greed, only wish they were as loyal to me as I was to them.

Buddy Boy- York (Recreational)

Do not shop at buddy boy, I am a disabled medical patient on a fixed income and was sold an oz of flower that had zero affect and tested terrible and when I asked if I could return or exchange the medicine, I was rudely told all sales are final. I have been a loyal customer to this chain for years and was so disappointed by them. I will never go back, I feel so ripped off I cant stand it. Looks like it's going to be a long month in pain for me, thanks for taking my monthly allotment of money for medicine and giving me garbage. Way to treat your loyal customers

Garden of Eden 702

G.O.E. has the best meds I have tried here in Vegas, the quality is exceptional. They are light years above all the other delivery services I have tried and as far as I'm concerned they are the only service worth giving your money to. I am a weed snob and I have always been 100% happy with G.O.E.

The Flower Shop - Las Vegas

These were by far the worst meds I have purchased here in Vegas, the buds were airy and looked tumbled and robbed of their crystals. Also the taste was like old lady perfume and you could tell the buds were poorly flushed because you could taste the nutrients and it burned nasty and black. If you are a first timere this might be ok but for a true veteran, this stuff is crap and I won't lie on my review for a free joint because I would never touch that garbage again!