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Wedding Cake

This is my go to strain. Will always keep some around no matter what. It takes away pain like no other and calms the mind from anything PTSD / anxiety related. Allows me to really focus the following day after a great night's sleep. It will also make sex incredible because it doesn't induce a couch lock effect and makes all the good nerves tingly if you know what I mean.

Native Brothers Dispensary OKC

Awesome dudes to do business with. Very knowledgeable in what they have and how their business is ran. Never once got an "umm, I'm not sure" response to a question, nor did I ever get a BS answer to a question. The atmosphere is also very welcoming and 'warm'. Will definitely be back!

Herbal Phoenix

Nice folks to deal with. Decent pricing on everything. Got a cart from them that was missing a fair amount of oil compared to all the others I purchased (couldn't tell from the front facing part in the package), but I don't hold that against them, rather the manufacture. Flower was okay, but I haven't found a single dispensary here in OK that has properly dried and cured flower. However, they state on their website that they test all of their flower, which is something hardly any other dispensary does. All in all, I plan to use this place a lot, might even end up becoming my 'go to' store.