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GrowHealthy - Cape Coral

The product and atmosphere are terrific and generally the people are lovely, specifically Andy Jose..however, their check in process is beyond obnoxious...every time. I don't understand why it takes over a half hour to check in. One of the nice things about Grow Healthy is the hours: in theory you can quickly pop in before work..however.. when you wait for 45 minutes, get major attitude from the manager, and are late for work..not so convenient or pleasant. I'm going to assume the problem is managment. The frazzled manager, most likely promoted to incompetence, snipped at the front desk guy when he asked if they were taking phone orders..NO! ONLY ONLINE !! and then gave me attitude when I came to pick up my online order..YOU'RE TOO EARLY.. Gee I'm sorry..I'll ask my migraine to conveniently wait for you to get it together. I even said " forget the online order..I'll just order now.".nope. Not how they do it. They were previously (incredibly) rude to my autistic husband and I wrote it off, but the blatant, snotty attitude by all should be noted. Take a lesson in customer service and propely staff your dispensary when you are running a sale.

Curaleaf - Bonita Springs

So..other than the loud music (kind of offputting for us anxious types) I really LOVE Curaleaf. The product is always top notch and totally affordable. The people however, make it an experience. Garrett is terrific.

White 99

Cross the board, a great strain. Always delivers a consistent high. If you struggle with depression, this is a get up and go strain. My favorite..especially if I have a lot of cleaning to do..really !

MÜV - Fort Myers Colonial

Wow. What can I say about Muv ? The first time I went, I was excited because I was referred by an employee of different dispensary, so I thought " this place must be great if they are sending me to their competition." It wasnt. I was rushed through by a young kid basically taking my order like I was at McDonalds. Every time I'd ask a question I'd get a one word answer, he roll his eyes and then go fetch the product. No sales pitch, no knowledge, no conversation, and he seemed completely irritated I was even asking about the products. I felt super rushed and ended going home with products I didn't even want. I chalked it up as an annoying experience but decided to try it again another day. This time, I brought my Autistic husband who was treated so rudely I had be THAT person who asks to speak with the manager. Not only was our salesperson rude, she was loud, abrasive and accused us of transferring prodcut. We are a middle aged married couple with 50 bucks to spend, really ? I explained I too have my card and was just handling the money for him. She wouldn't stop being rude and finally my husband says.. "I'm autistic, could you please just stop. We're just trying to figure out what I can afford today. " Nothing. No response, just a stupid smug stare. At one point she huffed off. I'm thinking.. these people are supposed to be kind and compassionate, assisting patients who are hurting mentally and physically? How on earth are these kids representing this company? Zero customer service skills, totally apalling. I finally spoke with the manager and he apologized for their unprofessional behavior, and mentioned his son too has autism. I asked " would you want your son to be treated this way from a pharmacy or health care provider?" Obviously he said no. I would advise that manager not only trains his staff but familiarizes himself with the ADA. Really disappointed. Beautiful dispensary with crappy, young, inexperienced associates.