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Fluent - Fort Pierce

so to begin with this was my first visit to fluent. now usually I wouldn't drive all the way down to fort Pierce to a dispensary but I thought that I would give it a shot. I have really bad anxiety especially when around other people so I was very nervous when I was inside of the location. I waited for someone to help me although I knew what all I was going to get ahead of time. everything seemed to have gone smoothly and it was pretty quick I guess you could say. now this visit was two days ago. today I decided to look at the agave tincture that I bought and while looking over what is written on the bottle in regards to ingredients I had noticed that I was given an expired bottle. The expiration date read October 1st of 2022. so I was very upset and decided to call ahead of time to make sure that I wouldn't waste my gas coming down in order to exchange this product. this isn't something that I would use since it is agave you know you would treat it as food and I personally wouldn't use something expired you never really know. so whoever the gentleman was that answered the phone and confirmed that I could exchange it for a new one was very sweet and understanding and did not give me the runaround or treat me poorly. I really wish I had gotten his name. however the same person that helped me the very first time was the very same person that helped me when I came back to exchange the product and she was anything but sweet. as soon as I got through the door and explain the situation she said that most likely all of those products were expired and that it was a typo and that I would be okay. A little wary of using something that was listed as expired I insisted that the product be switched out and that I had received permission from another associate that I could and will get a replacement for the expired product. especially since dispensaries are not allowed to sell expired product. after I had told her that she seemed to have rolled her eyes and said okay fine I will go check for you but I'm just letting you know it's probably all the same. A minute or two later she comes back out and tells me the exact same thing that she told me as soon as I walked in the door. that all of them were expired. and this was for the caramel agave tincture. so I told her that I would rather take a different flavor rather than getting the same since for some reason they were all already expired or as she said Misprinted. which of these items actually were misprinted I think that whoever processed these items would have checked those dates you know to do a quality check on items before shipping them out to different locations to ensure their quality. I really had no problem coming back down to switch out a product that I paid for but I don't appreciate the attitude that I received from Megan. I'm a really nice person who has really bad anxiety and she didn't make me feel welcome at all. in fact she made me feel the exact opposite. I couldn't wait to get out of the location after she was able to find product that wasn't expired for me. maybe she was having a bad day. I'm not really one to judge but I hope that she didn't treat anyone else that way or make anyone else feel like that.

Curaleaf - Jensen Beach

Every time I come to this location I always have the pleasure of being helped by Patrick and being greeted by a friendly face always makes it easier on me when stopping by. Patrick is amazing, knowledgeable, friendly, and always makes sure you're having a great experience inside or curbside for pickup. Only positive vibes over here.