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Orange Kush

Relaxing and mellow. I used this strain in some cookies; worked nicely.

Orange Kush

I took 7 grams of this, and decarbed it. I made some canna butter with 2 sticks of butter, yielded 45 cookies. Great effect uplifting, some good giggles, and though there was some munchies that happened LOL.

Greenlight - Spokane

Location is good with adequate parking. However, there are over a dozen retail shops in the Spokane area, and of those a few have quality product with prices at $10 a gram and less, and this pricing should be the norm, but that is not the case with Green Light's online menu. I refuse to pay more than $10 a gram.

Cannabis and Glass - Spokane

Good location. Would help if, if the selection of $125 oz flower strain(s) was kept stocked up, so there's a selection.