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Berkeley Patients Group

The good: The OG of dispensaries. I go in person and I order online. Overall customer service has been knowledgable, with no pushiness or upselling, and with only a few lackluster exchanges. They have a solid inventory with great in-store signage and kiosks to help you make decisions. Highly recommended. The caveats: Prices are sometimes competitive but generally average. Sales come and go quite quickly, sometimes too quickly. I've occasionally noticed a discrepancy between online sale prices and order fulfillment (what you're actually charged) when they offer one-day specials. This can happen if you order online later in the day and they fulfill the order the next day after the previous day's sale is over. Yet the budtenders are gracious if you decline certain items because of this discrepancy.

Oaktreez Delivery

Competitive prices, fast delivery, and friendly customer service. I'd definitely order from them again!