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Curaleaf - Ellsworth

I just received a medical marijuana card and hadn't used THC in 20-years, so I had a lot of questions - edibles are far more common now than 20-years ago and I had no experience with them. I began by letting the staff know that I did not want to vape or smoke any product because I have asthma so I'd be just looking at edibles, maybe lotions or creams. The first thing they did was present me with my "free" gift for being a new customer - a vaping cartridge. I explained that I just shared I cannot vape, so didn't understand why they offered me this. I said a lot of folks cannot use their lungs for intake, so I'd appreciate a gift that reflected that. Their response: "no gift". Next they sold me a few different things, one of which was a RSO Dropper. I waited a week to try it and when I did I could not figure out how to get the THC wax out of the pen-like distributor. No directions anywhere in the package, nothing... the sales-rep told me there is a cap that is removed then you "click" the pen thingy to let it release a certain amount, the more you click, the more that is released... I could not get the thing to click, or release product so I looked online - but again, nothing. (All they had was suggestions on how to "hide" the substance in food, nothing on the mechanics of the distributor.) I was finally able to get a tiny bit of THC wax out of the distributor and added it to my drink, which I was told would dissolve immediately. Not so. It was a glass of warmish water and the wax THC ball just floated to the bottom and precisely stuck to the side of the glass. I also found out after the purchase that this waxy substance can also be vaped and that is the preferred mode of intake with this form of THC. I called the store and asked about a return since it is not dissolving in my drink like I was promised and the distributor pen isn't clicking like I was told it would to release the THC wax. They refused a return saying their policy prohibits any returns. (So, if your sales staff makes a mistake and sells a customer something they cannot use the customer is SOL?!) The staff is also very young and inexperienced with customer service. All in all an awful experience. I wont be returning and I'll be letting anyone and everyone know my experience there. THC (The Happier Choice) on the other hand was a WONDERFUL shop in every way, and they're just up the road a mile or 2.