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Temescal Wellness - Framingham (Medical)

My first time using Temescal. After a 30 battle with opioids I found hope in mmj. Now 2 years free! I have found some strains don’t help but always good quality until now. I used the Framingham location on 12/9/18 and purchased one 1/8 of GG4 and an 1/8 of Bruce Banner. After opening it there was a green smell? I checked the dates on the package, both were over 10 months old, tumble weed dry. Green smell mold!! There response we’ll give you 40% off your next visit. I asked them to replace them and there response was none. Both packed and tested by Garden Remedies Inc. Save your time and money go any place else.

Garden Remedies-Newton: Med & Rec

Temescal is selling your 10 month old wholesaled flower. I purchased two 1/8s GG4, Bruce Banner both were the same. Tumble weed dry with that mold smell. Looks bad on you because you’re name is on it. There response was spend more and get 40% off.

RX Canna Bud

First time customer, service, meds.,and cost. All great. After dealing with others I was surprised they actually got here on time.

HCDC - Holistic Cannabis Delivery Caregivers (Framingham)

The first time I used RWU I was skeptical because of a bad experience with a competitor, Todd put me at ease. Great medicine, better prices and service. Since then I've dealt Karen also and will continue to use RWU from now on.

Green Star Mobile Compassion

I got a 1/4 of northern lights with the hope of pain relief. The medicine got to me late which was no big problem but the flower was green smelling, contained seeds and wasn't worth the $. I complained but no response!!! With prices going up and bad service, don't waste your time or $$.