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Lemonnade - Portland

Place is wack I called in the morning asked about a strain they said they had a bunch of the lemon cookies drop I drove from Vancouver and they sold out and don’t have no online ordering or phone orders! So messed up I literally rushed from work because the guy said yup I have it and I specially asked do they have a bunch and he said yup! I drove a hour to spend $55 a eight and they act like they don’t even care!

The Herbery - Chkalov

Tried there online ordering process and it duplicated something i didn’t notice it as the guy was reading it in the parking lot and they say it’s my fault and won’t do anything for me as the weed left the store I called from the parking lot they didn’t answer until the third time after I texted the the number for outside pickup! Waste of money and time they need a better process how am I suppose to hear a guy literally rushing to give me my weed with a mask on!

La Mota Northeast Portland

Place is a joke went there yesterday got a quarter of Girl Scout for 60 and the next day was 80 dollars! Southeast location was still 60$ I said well I'll just go there his reasoning was southeast location has more competition gonna talk to My regular guy aaron about it! Rip off for the patients same owner same name two locations different prices!


My name is Faazan I'm a regular at this dispensary they use to be awesome best service and best prices even went to there 4/20 opening that was suppose to be at midnight yet they didn't even open until 1 am while we all sat outside for free gram of some shitty shatter they called top shelf! BEWARE THIS HAS CHANGED WITHIN THE LAST FEW MONTHS WENT THERE TODAY around 2 pm it was 100 degrees out waited in there room for 15 minutes had to be 100+ degrees in there didn't get a hey be right with you or nothing. They don't care about customer service anymore they'll happily tell you to go somewhere else! Was my favorite dispensary use to be a boyfriend and girlfriend working the night shift they were always awesome really cared about the patients now it's get lost we don't care! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!