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**The Countries #1 Cannabis Destination** **Only 3 minutes from PDX International Airport** **Largest Selection in Oregon** **TAX INCLUDED ON ALL RECREATIONAL PRICES** **EXOTIC CANNABIS STRAINS FEATURED** **Cleanest Cannabis Products In The Country** **Our festive, distinctively red shop isn't hard to miss as your driving down Sandy Blvd. Reminiscent of a cozy alpine cabin, AmeriCanna RX is a nice little island of comfort away from busy city life. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will treat you just like family as soon as you walk in our doors! We have a modest size parking lot but plenty of street parking adjacent to our shop, so finding a spot to park should be a breeze. At this time, we are a cash-only dispensary but do have an ATM on site. We are open every single day of the year from 8am to 10pm. Tired of dried up of pre-packaged flower? So are we! We keep our bud freshly sealed in professional apothecary-style jars. We pick out the best nugs and weigh your flower out right in front you. What you see is exactly what you get! At AmeriCanna RX, we are known for providing exceptional value and variety. Our menu on Leafly and Weedmaps is always full of premium quality cannabis products** Hours of operation 8am-10pm. 7 days a week 365 days a year. We will also be open for all major holidays**** The One and Only AmeriCanna Rx is dedicated to giving Adults 21+ and medical patients safe access to the best quality cannabis products with some of the Lowest Prices In The Country. Our Leafly menu changes hourly! Keep your PC or Phone refreshed for current menu and pricing. Licensed by OLCC, City of Portland. **OLCC/State Tax 17%. City of Portland Tax 3%. **Total recreational tax 20%** Recreational consumers may purchase up to 1 oz of flower, 5 grams of extracts, 16 oz solid edibles (up to 50mg THC/pack) or 72 fl oz liquid edibles (up to 50mg THC/pack) OMMP Patients/Caregivers may purchase up to 24 oz of flower, 5 grams of extracts, 16 oz solid edibles (up to 100mg THC/pack) or 72 fl oz liquid edibles (up to 100mg THC/pack)


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**New Deals- Largest Sale Selection In The State! Updated on 2/15/18 11:05pm**

$10 Eighth / $72 Ounce **3.5 gram minimum purchase** MED $8*16*30*60 REC $10*20*36*72 *DJ Short Blueberry *Green Crack(M $40oz. R $48oz.) *Jet Fuel *Lemon Skunk(M $40oz. R $48oz.) *Martini OG *NY Strawberry *S’Mores *Strawberry Cough *William Wonder Purple(M $40oz R $48oz.) $15 Eighth / $96 Ounce **3.5 gram minimum purchase** MED $13*25*45*80 REC $15*30*54*96 *Ayahuasca *Blood Orange Tangie *Chemdawg *Durban Poison *Grand Daddy Lemons *Jack Herer *Laura Winslow *Lithium OG *Mandarina Kush *Martian Mean Green *New York Hindu *Sky OG *Sour Diesel *Strawberry Diesel *Valley Chem OG *Wifi Cookies $21 Eighth / $120 Ounce MED $5*17*30*60*100 REC $6*21*36*72*120 *Alien Bubba *Alien OG *Anisim #6 *Bluniverse *Candyland *Crater Kush *Fire OG *Golden Lemons *Gorilla Glue 4 *Grand Daddy Purps(Sol Sis) *Gummy Bears *Jack N Cheese *Lemon Sour Diesel *Lemon Tarts *Lucky 9 *Orange Cookies *Purple Champagne *Skywalker OG *Spirit In The Sky *South Fork Kush *The Purps **Left Coast Farms - GDP 7 Gram Deal MED $45 REC $54.** **Left Coast Farms - OGKB 7 Gram Deal MED $45 REC $54.** **TKO Reserve - Mochi 7 Gram Deal MED $48 REC $58.** **Oregon Genetics Deals- MED $18 REC $22 *Orange Gouda *Phantom *Sour Apple SAUCE *Sunset Sherbert.** **Oregon Genetics Premium Live Resin Deals- MED $25 REC $30 *Blueberry Heights *Cinex *Limeberry *OZ *Pitbull *Sour Diesel *Super Kush.** **Faded Oil By: Cultivated - MED $18 REC $22 *9LB Hammer *Blueberry Pie *Candyland *Dark Rhino *Lasqueti *Master Yoda *White Super Skunk **$5 OFF Delta9 Edibles **CASCADIA HERBAL TINCTURE 200MG - MED $25 REC $30** **BIG SAVINGS BY THE GRAM- *Blue City Diesel (GH) - MED $5 REC $6, *Cirrus MED $6 REC $7, *Golden Ticket - MED $9 REC $11, *Hell Fire OG - MED $6 REC $7, , *Sunset Sherbet - MED $7 REC $8.** **Willamette Valley Alchemy $3off per gram** **White Label Extracts - MED $23 REC $28: *Blue Cookies, *Cherry AK47, *Grapefruit, *Green Crack, *Skunk Dawg.** **Select Strains 1 Gram Elite Cartridges - MED $47 REC $57.** **HUSH Shatter/Snap N Pull - MED $13 REC $16** **HUSH 1 Gram Distillate Cartridges MED $22 REC $27** **Dab Society Premium Dabs - MED $25 REC $30: *Black Lime Reserve, *Cookies N Cream, *Critical Sensi Star, *OG Diesel,

Valid from 2/16/2018 to 2/23/2018.

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**New Deals Are Up Just In Time For The Weekend!** We Have The Largest Sale Inventory In The State!** New Diamond Drops!**

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“Not the smartest budtenders but omg the prices on concentrates is unbeatable!! A lot of flower strains but I noticed in the fridge with edibles and concentrates all the employee food is on bottom. Kinda gross”

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“The people who run this place created a community based business with exceptional service and attention to detail in profiling the right companies and products to keep their customers happy. I buy only the best there is to offer. There offerings are only complimented by its knowledgeable staff. ”

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