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MedMen - Syracuse

Updated review 4/26/21 - MedMen have solidified their place as the best med dispensary in the Syracuse area. Admittedly, the location is a little strange to walk into, but their office is very nice and the staff are fantastic. I have been to all local dispensaries and while Verilife used to be my go-to, once MedMen offered Curaleaf products, which were the best in state (which as we know is/was highly restrictive). MedMen’s LuxLyte disposable vapes are great, but they’re costly and last only a couple days. I’ve been waiting for them to have actual carts and as of this review, they finally released Blue Dream, Jedi OG and Cherry Wine, which are all amazing and are just as good (if not better) than Curaleaf’s Live Resin.

Etain Medical Cannabis Dispensary Syracuse

I’ve been to Etain a few times. Their prices have gone down over the years, but still considerably more expensive than the other locals. The oral spray is quite good, but it does have a bit of artificial sweetener taste to it, but it’s very convenient. The honey lozenges are also good. The vapes are very expensive and they only have one kind, so it’s pretty easy to look at the other local dispensaries and see how they are superior. I would probably only go here again if I was in a real bind or if they released some new products.