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White Widow

Today has been particularly hard so I smoked half a J. About 15 minutes later I was feeling a good deal better. Decided to look up the strain info on here for a quick refresher, (helps with depression) And that it does!

Sticky Diamond- Med

First Time visiting although my boyfriend has gone a few times. Great staff and owners, we were able to see and smell all kinds. Great conversation and intriguing atmosphere and products are all high quality! Grabbed a gram of moon rock and a couple 1/8th of flower. Got a complimentary pre roll of Sweet Amnesia and it was lit! So excited to try all the rest! Highly recommend to anyone in the Farmington/Augusta area!


Man do I love this strain, been smoking for about 6 years so my tolerance is at an ultimate high. This Syrian however knocks me the f**k out! If I want it to! That’s the best thing you can achieve a full body high all while remaining uplifted,active and not sleepy buuuut if you smoke it at night while relaxing you’ll pass out 😂

Garden Girl 420

This is one of my favorite dispensaries in my area, got my med card here and they made me feel instantly like part of the family, that’s so important to me! 10/10 would recommend my only complaint is that they don’t get new strains as often as I like but everything they do have I love so I can’t complain 💕

Highbrow - Manchester

Highbrow is one of the only dispensaries I genuinely love, between the beautiful flower every time, the amazing product I also LOVE that they don’t use plastic containers. Will be going here as long as possible