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Burnt Toast

First time trying burnt toast and it’s a pretty nice high. I felt very calm and relaxed. I kind of zoned out and just watched a movie for a good bit of it. It took away some of the pain I was feeling from working on my feet all day. The flower is really dense but it definitely makes it last longer. It’s a good dark color green with some speckles of purple. The nugs are decent sized too. *My fiancé says it smells similar to GG

Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary – New Kensington

I have had amazing service each time I’ve been there. Many of the employees either know you by name or remember who you are. It’s nice to have that interpersonal relationship with the employees. The selection of products is always vast and changes regularly so it’s never the same product on repeat. They do have some pretty good deals always going on. All of the staff is very knowledgeable on all the products.