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IgadI - Northglenn

Customer service is king and Igadi rules they north burbs. If you want to be treated like a human being and talk to people who act like real human beings - not scripted robots who can't use their own brains (like...some competitors nearby) - then go to Igadi. Igadi treats you right and you don't have to pay premium on it for the service. Just got hooked up with and 1/8th and a joint for under $20 because of their free loyalty program and going into the weekend with optimism. Thanks Igadi for being real and awesome! PS been to several but giving the shout out to my home store off 120th and Washington in Northglenn- keep kickin the competitions ass y'all!

Callie's Cannabis Shoppe (Northglenn)

I've been going here almost daily for months now but as a med patient and key badge who's been in the industry since 2016 I'm disappointed to post this 2 star review. I've saved my loyalty points ($1000 spent) this last time to reach the "$100 credit" that is falsely advertised. Not only can I not buy any discounted items with this "credit" but everything is at full retail price - med card does not apply. After calmly explaining they aren't discounting the product $100, its advertised as a credit I gave up - unreasonable and dismissive budtender wasn't even listening so there was no point. I used to like this shop but lately they've been honoring the med card on fewer transactions and this "credit" issue was the last straw. Too expensive, even with the med card - will be driving further from now on. Please change all your advertisements concerning the loyalty program to clearly state they are discounts and you will pay full price on all items, you can’t buy discounted or sale items with them, and the ‘regularly priced’ shake 1/8ths don’t apply either - it's not a credit. Thank you.