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Alien Mints

It’s a cool strain. I got it on accident tbh I was tryna get sum else but ended up with this and not disappointed. I work long hours and has my pain feeling better. I will say I roll a average J so mayb 1.2-.3 grams and it’s got me feeling pretty good. I will say it isn’t a super strong high kinda mellow but really relaxing. I got flower and it claims 36 percent but I have had 28 percent or what they said was 28 and it hit way harder and I felt more medicated. Overall wouldn’t but again but not bad just not really what I’m looking for the flower looked crazy tho.

Blair Wellness

Most of the employees were nice and knowledgeable except for one worker who was rude and disrespectful to me in multiple instances on different occasions. People I know well have had similar experiences with this same worker.