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JARS Cannabis - Grand Rapids

Every time I come to Jars I get great quality buds at a low price!!! They always have good deals going on, stop in and take advantage today!!!

JARS Cannabis - Grand Rapids

I love how many beautiful selections Jars has!!! Also the bus tenders are great!!! Erica helped me get a half of some fire at an awesome price....

Joyology Grand Rapids (Medical)

This place comes of as a bougie teenage girls nail salon and the women who work there almost all act that way, very rude. The budtender seemed annoyed that I had the audacity to be buying bud by the gram and not looking to spend 25 a gram. They don't offer any deals or discounts, and I mean even your neighborhood drug dealers do that.... Oh but I forgot, THEY OFFER FREE SMELLS, adding insult to injury...