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Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Champaign DUPLICATE

Employees have always been awesome at Sunnyside in Champaign but are taught to feed us absolute lies. , AKA Phoenix Botanical. Sadly the handful of wealthy rich scumbugs with deep investor pockets perverted the Illinois cannabis industry. If you're okay with legal $600 ounces of absolute shit after nearly 6 years from the Illinois dispensaries for 6 years then f-off because you work for the industry. their shake is worth about thirty an ounce but they have been selling it for 300 an ounce for 6 years or so. they have hurt you, not me, and still are hurting you. you need to equalize this with the cannabis industry to any extreme. Thanks. you do know what I'm asking you to do for us? -mike dan linn, that corrupt NORML president for the past 15 years who got awarded handsomely for betraying you. remember, if you don't act nobody will so become an activist and fight back hard. NORML does not have your back nor does the Illinois cannabis industry. NORML is the Illinois cannabis industry and was used to exploit you. -mike need help i have anything for the cause and i mean anythinbg

nuEra Urbana (Medical)

Nuera is a vertically integrated cannabis company so have the means to produce seeds for medical marijuana patients but won't. I spoke to the mayor of Urbana and IDPH. They both told me dispensaries are private companies and can do what they want to do. It appears price fixing over the past 4 years has been occurring within the Illinois cannabis industry. It now appears the cannabis industry collectively has decided to not sell seeds. Please contact your representatives and share your experiences with them. The media reported political corruption by the republican party in the awarding of the licenses. Hopefully the Democrats correct this.