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The New Amsterdam

My first visit to a dispensary today was great! I turned 21 yesterday and Adam made going to a pot shop for the first time so fun, and he didnt feel stupid when i asked all my questions lol! Great flower and ive already eaten my cookie so we will see where it gets me when it kicks in! Will for sure be returning

Nebula Cannabis

Homie sold me some cherry cheesecake last night that hit me just right. Very knowledgeable and friendly AND CHEAP for the quality. I’ve found my new shop for sure

Nectar - Sandy & 33rd

Moldy ass weed! i cannot believe this wound up in a store! let alone my hands! A FUCKIN MEDICAL PATIENT! who knows what could have happened if i would have smoked more of this shit.... Employees like robots act and look the same.. its cheesy and offputting. this is a very bad indication of where this industry is headed. what happened to this plant being medicine? im taking my support to a one off dispensary, mom and pop style. this no good. why would i EVER go back. SHAAADY