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Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Champaign DUPLICATE

I’m pretty much at Sunnyside once a week, and everyone that has helped me has been absolutely wonderful. They are all knowledgeable and friendly. Jas, in particular, is so patient and kind when my order needs to be fixed at the register. (For something that I did, not the dispensary’s fault.) And other employees love jumping in and offering tips and recommendations; I swear I always learn something new each visit. Prices are comparable to other dispensaries (from what I’ve experienced both here and in Chicago). And they usually have some sort of bundling deal or other ways to save. Plus a loyalty program helps recoup a little bit when you buy often. A little sad there aren’t birthday perks like other places, but that’s more of a corporate complaint. Oh! And first-time customers get 30% off their first order, so that was a nice welcome gift.

Ascend Cannabis - Logan Square

Literally everyone that works here is so nice! Every time I come in, I’m greeted with (masked) smiles. They always make me feel so welcome, like we’ve been friends forever. And the art in the hallway leading into the checkout area is amazing! 10/10, would recommend