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Yuma Way - NJ (Med)

Website isn’t set up professionally and there’s no inventory on their website.

RISE Dispensaries Bloomfield (Adult Use)

These people sold me an expired cartridge & unfortunately for me, I bought 4 of them. They’re all days pasted expiration. They taste funny and has a shade of green. Don’t be so money hungry, rise. If it’s expired, throw it out or you people smoke it. Don’t sell it to people, giving people false hopes. Selling expired batches should be illegally. If something is a month close to expiration date sell it on sale a month or even two months prior. Don’t wait until the day of or after it expires to sell it. Absolutely disappointing.

Ascend Cannabis - Rochelle Park (Med)

The THC percentage is never accurate. They’re false advertising the THC to be higher than what it really is. Prices are usually always so expensive. They have workers who talk tough and try to intimidate their customers when you first walk in. Nugs were yellow, grown improperly and wasn’t flushed right. I left a review on their website but they never post their reviews below 4 stars.

Harmony Dispensary

Never see any good deals. Staff is clearly undertrained and unprofessional. I will just be going to RISE or Ascend from now on.

The Apothecarium - Lodi

Quality products from the pictures but once you buy it, the nug will never look as big and developed like it does in the picture. These people are expensive & they never have deals. They think selling 1G joints for $20 is a deal LOL. The staff is also disgustingly rude and disrespectful. They do not honor the veterans discount that they offer and will choose to be disrespectful. Even if you’re a veteran!! This place disgusted me. Rise ALWAYS has great deals. ($60 3.5Gs for only $40 & more!) Ascend usually has some too but I’d recommend Rise over all of these places. This place needs to do better with offering more deals and a more professional staff!