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Temescal Wellness - Framingham (Medical)

Great place, fantastic concentrates at VERY premium prices. Would be nice if they could offer a bulk discount; 10% for 1 grams, 15% for 1.5, and 20% for 2+ seems to be what other places are doing. Still very happy with my experience and medicine.

In Good Health Medical Retail & Delivery

Let's start with the good: Clean location, friendly and helpful staff. Selection isn't GREAT, but it's okay. Moving on. Prices aren't great. Location is kinda sketchy, but it's easy to get to and parking is a breeze. In the two visits I've made so far, I've received two expired products: infused whipped butter, and infused olive oil. Upon calling and complaining, they credited my account both times which I appreciate, but I'd appreciate it more if they checked their expiration dates every morning or before dispensing product. Additionally, the first time I got the EHO brittle, it was great and as pictured on the website. The second time, I don't know what happened, but it is NOT brittle. It is extremely dark, and very sticky at room temp, not "brittle" or crumbly. It is much closer to their CO2 oil or plain EHO in consistency. I don't know if the intern was making the brittle that day or what, but when I buy from a dispensary, I expect a certain level of consistency that In Good Health hasn't shown me yet.

NETA - Brookline (Boston) - Rec

This place is always popping every time I've been. First time can be a bit of a hassle, but after that, their express checkout is quick and easy. Fantastic selection, and they're hardly ever run out of stock, and when they do, it's usually their "limited selections" (which are always FIRE) Accessibility can be a bit of a pain, that parking lot is WAY too small, and they're in the middle of a busy intersection. Very cool location/building though. Staff is always very knowledgeable and usually very friendly, although I have had one or two "weed-snob-types" help me there. Product highlights at this place are their Apex carts (best premium vape carts in the area IMO) and their Wax. Edibles tend to be more expensive here than other nearby places. Overall: B+