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Avatar for WhitneyCarbone

I've been using cannabis for almost 20 years and am currently a "several times a day" smoker. I have an extremely high tolerance and it usually takes using good bit in one smoke session. Every single strain I was warned about its potency and to be cautious bc it's a creeper. I got 1/8 of Ghost OG #3 Flower, from The Good Dispensary in Mesa. I was more than pleasantly surprised with the results! First, I have to comment on the flower itself from The Good Dispensary, and say that the 1/8 was an express order I called in earlier that day, and not only was there crystals and keif galore, but it was perfectly soft and sticky and not at all dry! I seriously underestimated this strains ability and potency to produce a great "high" for me that gives relief of most symptoms. Usually and my favorite/preferred method of using is dabbing. I got home, packed a decent sized bowl, and took a hit. (My husband told me so many times that my hits are monstrously insane big, saying even when I smoke a cigarette, it's almost all the time a 100, and my one drag would equal 3 of his. My dab hits are triple that... 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, I took a decent hit as usual and held it in for a few then exhaled. As the smoke left my lungs I felt my body become tingly all over and what follows was like a rush of something had come over me and took me to completely be able to concentrate, think clearer, control my emotions better, all the feel good stuff but with a motivated urge feeling with it. I took one more decent hit, held....Exhale. repeated first result x100; I totally forgot about my pain for over an hour and I can't remember the last time I was able to not think about it. I felt great, confident, intelligent, focused and motivated. I was able to get important shit done. I freaking LOVE THE HELL out of this strain! I underestimated it's quality and potency but it quickly eliminated every shred of doubt I had about its potent and positive results! I'm still in shock that I took a TOTAL of 2 hits from my bowl, and I'll be damned if I didn't set my bowl down on the table and walk away fucking STONED. LOL. For real though, this just moved to the top of my list, tied with my favorite-GDP. I highly recommend this strain especially for those with a higher tolerance, people who suffer from chronic pain, and for those with ADD/ADHD. USE WITH CAUTION.... No bullshit, this is a very strong strain and would NOT recommend users to drive or do anything that could be dangerously fatal. Watch....👏😍😑👍🏻🔥😍💜🤜🏻

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