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Type: ABX Loud & Clear Concentrate Overview: this strain is a monster and definitely not for the faint of heart. I'm not a seasoned partaker, so about 3 - 4 good pulls hits like a freight train. Super heavy body buzz with a cerebral side kick. Lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours. With all the lineage of this strain ( GG4, Platinum Cookies, and Face Off), the body buzz is almost immediate, those tingles start radiating from head to arms to feet. And, the cerebral kicks in a couple minutes later. For me, personally, anything more than 4 hits and I notice the dizziness start to appear. And definitely have water in hand, as dry mouth is certainly something to contend with. The cerebral effects are great, but I find that I get more into a contemplative space, so I like to put on a good movie and let the soundtrack and visuals go to work. Body buzz is extremely heavy, so be ready to melt out and not move for at least the first hour. Any pain is 100% gone. I notice, for me, it plays hard on my sinuses 30 minutes in. Would definitely recommend for a night time relaxer, but start slow. It hits hard and then you have to ride it out.

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