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Avatar for OccamsPhazer

Method: Hot Box Vaporizer Pack size: Medium Pulls: An incredible 5 to 7 pulls!!! Ultra Sticky Bud: Vaporizer Screen Killer:) I could probably crawl on the ceiling if I stuck enough Platinum Kush on me. But what a waste. Let's vaporize some. And then some... And then some... And then some... OMG! This bud hits forever! So much resin! Its so Robbin goddamn Thick! Nice start. This weed is boom dynamite. And I prefer heavy, deeply felt sensations while stoned... and baby, this weed is nice. It does the trick. My fingers are just floating over these keys. And holy creeper alert! Put out an APB on a glowing faced kid writing a pot review. So, many of the bud's I vap, hit fast and upfront, like Sour D or Pineapple Express, but this Platinum Kush has a lag time, and its real nice. And get this! I got 5 solid pulls off my whip using the vap. There's two more in it for sure... I just had to tap out. Most weed, even my beloved Sour D, only yields about 3 good pulls before the bud in the hopper goes dry. But Platinum Kush is SO sticky and SO filled with its piney resin, that it just keeps giving vapor pull after vapor pull. Wow! And its a heavy vapor too... Which could be a potential downside in exchange for its yield and potency, that its thick on the lungs, more so than a less resin dense plant. The high is very nice, and as I said earlier, it creeps. After I vap, I just go about my business, and observe what transpires. In its infant phase, the high is mellow... nice... and I was like, "ok, cool."; but its a creeper, so in about 3 minutes(i think), that mellow nice, started to ramp up in the area of my frontal lobe, until my head became a toasty warm quick silver beach, one all covered with warm white sand. Yummy in the Sunny! This isn't even my first vap session today. I had one earlier, before I played soccer in my league's am game. This bud is great for focus and movement, for intensity and alertness... I felt like spider-man. I know, it seems contradictory to 'be high' and to be an athlete, but... some of my childhood, a lot of it in fact, leaves me very sad at times, and very distracted. So much so, that many of the things I like to do, I cant enjoy doing, because the feelings are so rapacious in their attempt to 'get my attention'. So, I find that this Platinum Kush does an excellent job of giving the body a very beautiful sensation, one that compliments the tone's of anxiety fear and hardship. The result, my activities are more enjoyable and free flowing... And that just feels good I suppose. But it certainly does not 'make' ones feelings or experiences 'go away'... for no weed is that good, except maybe, the weeds of one's own heart and mind. So all and all. I give Platinum Kush high marks across the board. I'm amazed at how versatile it is. Good for sport, focus and tuning into the zone while exploring the body. And also, its buzz is extremely enjoyable to the senses in a way that would make movie watching, chess playing, reading, napping, and any sensual endeavors, a little more intense in feeling . The floaty wavy sensation that Platinum Kush offers, powerfully too I might add, is a beehive of sensation Platinum Kush is not for amateurs. Damn, time fly's by on this high... E=MC couch. Its been a solid two hours of being anywhere from super stoned to not as much super stoned. I think i'll do some body-work now, and enjoy the somatic side of this high once I stop writing and using my head. Thanks much! OccamsPhazer-