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Avatar for Borbula

I purchased an eighth of this strain to combat my diagnosed chronic anxiety and panic attacks. The pharmaceutical drugs I were taking were not improving the quality of my life and had too many adverse side effects. I heard Strawbery Cough was specifically designed as an anti-anxiety medical marijuana strain, so I thought I would give it a try. Many people familiar with medical marijuana advocate indicas for anxiety but I needed something I could function on to keep me active during the day. Strawberry Cough met all of my expectations. It gave me a good, clean, well measured, uplifitng high that gave just the right amount of sativa like clarity and energy to get my daily tasks done. It's indica overtones gave me a good enough body buzz to calm me down. I used a vaporizer to medicate. The high comes on a bit delayed, but doesn't take too long to get going. It started in my head and moved down through my shoulders. I didn't feel any anxiety or paranoia at all and felt much better and very relaxed but yet clear. This strain isn't as strong as some of the 20% plus THC strain highs out there, but if you are trying to fight anxiety being super-high often doesn't help. The high from this strain is strong enough, but yet allows you to be social. I highly recommend it for people sufering from anxiety, and for people wanting a strain that lets them feel good and uplifted without getting overly high. A very good well balanced strain and good medecine. It's not a cure all for anxiety or depression, so still use other methods such as exercise, etc. to get better. I hope this review helps those who sufer from anxiety who have had enough of the toxic anti-anxiety drugs that are out there. It wasn't that expensive either. I got my eighth for $35.