White Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “White Haze is a pretty light smoke. The taste is kinda pine and earthy, with a nice addition of lemon flavor. something I prefer a lot. At first comes a nice and warm body-buzz, followed by an euphoric head-high. The mind stays also focused and feels more awake. The chilled body-buzz together with the focused and happy head-high make it a good Netflix or Chill After Workout - Strain. Overall the effects of White H...”

  • “White and crystals, oh my!! Smells sweet and sour. Four stars for the level of high. Just felt it should have matched the amazing look and smell.”

  • “this sativa strain is perfect for doing and also finishing activities or just stuff that needs done! one of my favs. :)”

  • “This is a bad-ass strain that is perfect work lighting up on the way to work! Incredibly focused, and clear. I have on many occasions lit up, and helped customers with ease, and focus, and a sense of happiness. Perfect daytime medication, and perfect for depression.”

  • “A friend recently got hold of some of this and so let me sample a bit. The nugs appeared dense with an ice like crystal coating, similar to that of frozen lawn dew. When ignited, I got a taste, sort of like an earthy taste but could taste more of something which reminded me of stone. It was also quite smooth to say it was a sativa. Unfortunately can't give a verdict of the after effects as I smoked another strain a...”

  • “This is one of the better strains I have had , nice kick to lift you up , strong flower. Only has a little bit of that deisely taste more earthy . Smooth .”

  • “I love the citrus/pine flavours of this strain. Made me feel warm and euphoric, a great daytime smoke!”

  • “smooth & moderate haze time”