Berry Hard Candies - 1:1 50mg DOWN


About this product

Beaucoup’s proprietary effect-based terpene profiles are formulated to provide a consistent experience every time. Our Berry hard candies provide calm and relaxed effects you can count on.

- Test Info: 50mg THC + 50mg CBD (average)
- DOWN Effects: Calm + Relaxed
- 10 Pieces
- Weight: 25g

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About this brand

In response to inconsistent user experience in the edible market LTRMN created Beaucoup, a terpene-enhanced edibles line for consumers seeking a curated cannabis experience. Beaucoup is formulated with proprietary terpene profiles to provide consistent UP and DOWN experiences you can trust.

- Product lines include Hard Candies, Caramels, and Gummies
- Available in THC, CBD, and 1:1
- Consistent effect-based SKUs
- Clean Green Certified Distillate
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