Shorty Unbleached Pre Rolled Cones – 50 Count


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The same smoke you know and love - now in a different color! Our unbleached line of papers and pre rolled cones are made with the exact same paper as our original Pink Papers - just without the pink. We realize that pink isn't for everyone, so we wanted to provide an option for those people. These papers and cones are still the real deal. Slow burning, durable, and with no unwanted smell or taste added to your joint smoking experience - the unbleached papers and cones can stand toe to toe with any rolling paper available on the market.

Take a little smoke break with the new Shorty Cones from Blazy Susan! These mini cones are 53mm – around half the size of our regular cones. Whether you just need a few hits to get your head straight, you want to try out a couple different strains individually, or want to give everyone their own personal joint at the party, the Shortys are just what you need! Take one on your next hike or walk around the park and treat yourself right.

To use these cones, simply grind up your herb, pack it into the cone, and light it up! Some people twist off the end, but it's up to you. We find that with the Shortys, a tight pack works best. These cones are pretty small, and as a result burn relatively quickly. Don't be surprised if you only get a handful of hits off these joints.

Our 50 count cone jar is by far our most popular size. This is a great option, both in terms of value and convenience. The jar is a perfect size to throw in your bag when you're on the go, or to leave at home on your smoking station. Whether you're trying our cones for the first time, or doing your monthly re-up, the 50 count is the go to choice for people in the know.

Blazy Susan Shorty Cones are the perfect choice for people who find themselves constantly smoking half joints, or for people who want the joint experience without smoking a whole one. Sometimes, a joint is just what you need - but you don't want to smoke a big one. If you can ever relate to that, then the Shortys are for you!

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