4:1 Hibiscus 125mg


About this product

Only 2 grams of sugar and 1.5 calories per serving.

Contains a 1:4 THC to CBD ratio, this organic no sugar added fruit-infusion is made with full-spectrum cannabis. Research indicates that CBD provides a range of therapeutic benefits and helps relieve anxiety sometimes associated with THC. In order to easily micro-dose, our see-through milligram indicator allows for an accurate 10mg CBD + 2.5mg THC dose every time.

Vegan, no gluten, non-GMO, low calorie, no sugar added, no artificial sweeteners. Sweetened with stevia.

Refrigerate after opening. Tastes best cold.

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About this brand

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Cannabis Quencher
Satisfy your thirst with cannabis infused beverages made with real organic fruit concentrates.


  • CA, US: C12-0000251-LIC
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