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Shop full-spectrum CBD + THC gummies on Chow420, reported to help with anxiety, sleep, pain, inflammation, focus, energy, immune support, intimacy, intimacy, and more from over 200+ brands that are non-GMO organic, third-party Lab-tested, and vetted to ensure safety and compliance. Shop third-party lab-tested high-quality non-GMO organic CBD with THC gummies that have been vetted by Chow420.com

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About this brand

Chow420 is a consumer-focused brand dedicated to servicing customers with effective Full Spectrum CBD products.

Shop for delivery at Chow420.com or find a Chow420 automated dispensary (ChowPod) near you. We test and certify full-spectrum CBD oil, gummies, edibles, flower, topicals, skincare, concentrates, capsules, soft gels, vapes for anxiety, sleep, pain, inflammation, focus, energy, immune support and intimacy. Our offering includes over 200+ brands that are non-GMO organic, third-party Lab-tested and vetted, by us, to ensure safety and compliance.

Over 70% of CBD/Cannabis wellness products are contaminated and/or mislabeled (Penn Medicine, 2017). Consumer safety is an issue at the sector. Given the trend of CBD with THC consumption for the purposes of mitigating issues associated with pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety, misrepresentation can have serious consequences for consumers (Single Care, 2020). Product verification is also needed for casual consumption as usage rates among adults gradually registers a higher incidence.

Chow420 is an ecosystem for cannabis wellness products that is equipped with an unforgeable certification standard for cannabis and CBD products. Chow420's internal verification protocols, powered by blockchain technology, ascertain the veracity of vendor COAs (certificates of analysis) against the databases of testing laboratories for discrepancies. Successful outcomes are published on Chow420.com and embedded on the Binance network to reinforce customer trust, verify the source products and enforce the accuracy of product labels.

We also carry reliable isolate, broad-spectrum, and hemp seed products. Chow420 is committed to providing quality hemp CBD for all.

Do CBD the right way, the Chow420 way.
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