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Doctor’s Hemp Solution’s HEMPFLAVIN is made with the highest quality water soluble all-natural flavonoid oils. This HEMPFLAVIN formulation is made to address the unique issues associated with Headache pain relief by creating a synergistic flavonoid response known as the “flavonoid entourage effect”. Flavonoids are compounds that occur naturally in fruits, grains and vegetables and are thought to provide health benefits through their antioxidative effects. Flavonoids are abundant in plants and are essential pigments for producing color and providing the natural protection for the plant from the sun and harmful environmental elements and disease. Researchers have similarly found that flavonoids promote a healthy lifestyle by providing, beneficial anti-inflammatory effects, helping regulate bodily function more efficiently, while assisting in protecting against everyday toxins. The flavonoids in HEMPFLAVIN include Cannflavin A, B, & C, Cannabisin A, B & C, quercetin, apigenin-7- and kaempferol. Studies have found that the flavonoids in HEMPFLAVIN have prominent anti-inflammatory action and may help augment the body’s antioxidant defense.

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Doctor’s Hemp Solutions
Doctor’s Hemp Solutions is dedicated to helping the communities that we love and serve. Our team is comprised of veterans, pet owners, and ranchers who now use our products to improve the lives of others facing the same aches, pains, and challenges as we do in our daily lives. We carefully pick and choose our ingredients, ensuring that we only use organic hemp and strains that produce high-quality cannabinoids. Our products are made from patented formulas professionally developed by our team of pharmacists, physicians, and agricultural experts.
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