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The DriFlower™ Shipping Container Conversion Kit includes everything you need to convert your shipping container into an unparalleled HangHarvesting drying space!

Choose between two sizes. Either get the conversion kit with 31″ J-Hangers for a nice wide path down the middle of your dry space to regularly check on your flower - OR - Get the kit with 41″ J-Hangers and stuff your container to the gills! The main difference, with bigger hangers, you can hang approximately 120 pounds (or more) of premium flower per twenty feet of container.

Have a forty-footer? No problem. Get two kits to max out a forty-foot shipping container.

Have a tall container? No problem. Our specially designed kits facilitate larger and smaller containers so you can evenly space your hangers and get consistent results.

We’ve made this kit so simple to assemble and install.

Every 20 ft. Shipping Container Conversion Kit contains:
• Top Cross-Bars (x 3).
• Hanging Stick Slot supports (x 6).
• 19′ Segmented Aluminum Sticks (x 6).
• All Hardware: Lock Pins, Couplers, connectors, etc.
• Optional choice of 31″ or 41″ J-Hangers (120 ea).

Save time, save money, save space, improve the quality of your flower, and invite your friends over to check out how dope your grow looks when it’s hanging proper. Organize and streamline your workflow with the DriFlower™ Shipping Container Conversion Kit. You asked, we delivered!

(Shipping Container Not Included)

Don't own a shipping container, but still want to streamline and organize? Check out our other hangers, hardware and kits at, contact us on Instagram, or give us a call. We’re here to help you get the most out of your harvest.

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