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We've launched our hand-made DYNAMIC JACK Moon Rocks in New Mexico. What is a moon rock you ask?

We start with premium Mimosa buds, dip them in hash oil and wrap them in kief. The nugs come coated with 50% of THC in each rock.

The results? A powerful, calming high that will put you in a blissful mood for hours. You may also feel tingly, sleepy, and relaxed.

THC potency with our DYNAMIC JACK Moon Rocks is much higher than flower (50% vs. 20-25%). Thus the value is greater for your wallet when shopping for moon rocks.

A moon rock high is a slow burn, starting in the head and eventually spreading throughout the entire body, down to your toes.

How do you smoke DYNAMIC JACK Moon Rocks?

Use glassware. Whether it’s a bong or pipe, use some glassware for moon rocks because it’s not your typical flower. It’s thick and greasy and will have to be ripped apart piece by piece. You will not be able to roll it up and smoke it. Throw it on top of some flower.

What is the difference between Moon Rocks and Caviar?

Very little. The only difference is that Caviar may or may not have an outer layer of kief, while Moon Rocks always have an outer layer of kief

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Dynamic Jack
Dynamic Jack
Dynamic Jack is a female, veteran, and minority-owned ABQ NM-based cannabis company. We hold manufacturing and cultivation licenses.

Dynamic Jack features an experienced leadership team that combines cannabis-relevant operational, product development, marketing, sales, and distribution expertise and experience. Ali Jubelirer is our visionary and fearless CEO.

Our commitments are to lead with quality and innovation, overservice our partners, and ensure full compliance with our products.

State License(s)

  • CCD-2022-0365-001
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