Element Pure Live Disposable 1G - Grannys Apple Fritter


About this product

Free of any distillate, botanical terpenes and additives, Element Pure Live Resin disposables contain 100% premium Live Resin concentrate. Element Pure Live Resin disposables provide a full-spectrum experience. Offering a strong, strain-specific true-to-flower flavor profile and keeping the full integrity of the strain used in processing.

Collaboration featuring Helios flower 🔥


THC: 82.58%

CBGa: 2.05%

Terpenes: 8.55%

TOTAL: 87.69%

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About this brand

Element is a multi Cannabis Cup-winning brand that was created to provide the highest quality cannabis concentrates to both patients and enthusiasts alike.

Made in Michigan and sourced from its finest cultivators, Element products are free of distillate, non-cannabis botanical terpenes, and additives.

Taste The Difference.


  • MI, US: AU-P-000113
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