Kush Mints | Indica Flower [3.5g]


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Kush Mints was Floracal's #1 strain from 2020-2021. We retired her for a year but brought her back into the lineup after mulitple requests to bring her back! Euphoria never tasted so good. Introducing a full bodied indica that takes relaxation to a whole new level, Kush Mints. Breed from the lineage of Kush Mints and Wedding Cake to produce an ideal indica for restful weekend afternoons. Featuring dominant terpenes of Limonene, b-Caryophyllene, and b-Myrcene developing a palate of earthy notes and sweet cake. The effects of this indica come on gently with an initial relaxed euphoria that makes way for a more tranquil state of mind. Kush Mints is your next go-to loud indica from FloraCal.
Lineage: Bubba Kush bx1 x Animal Mints
Aroma: Hard candy shell sweetness, and savory onion/garlic and fuel notes as well
Taste: Sweet dough, mint, and gas
Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene
Hand-grown, expertly cared for, and lovingly trimmed by professionals, we offer flower exactly as Mother Nature intended. You can always expect beautifully manicured bud harvested right off the vine. ​

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FloraCal Farms
FloraCal delivers a first-class cannabis experience, offering exotic strains and distinct highs to the community of experienced smokers. Born on the West coast, we honor our roots and the principles of quality cannabis farming instilled by our founders. We’re committed to rigorous pheno-hunting and small-batch cultivation practices that yield only the best results. We hand-trim and expertly care for every flower, making sure only the very best go to market. Above all else, we strive to honor strain expression, making sure every trichome, aroma, and perfect bud gets to an excited smoker. This ensures that every consumer experiences the plant exactly as Mother Nature intended.
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