30mg Blueberry Sparkle Full Spectrum Sparkling Water - Award Winning!


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Sparkling water with a splash of Blueberry paired with 30 mgs of Full Spectrum cannabis oil. These sparkling waters are great if you are looking for a sugar free, sweetener free option. These are perfect for Keto, diabetics or medical patients who can't have sugar.

Sparkle is a clean and vibrant sparkling water with zero calories, zero sugar and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Just carbonated water, natural flavorings and full spectrum CO2 extracted cannabis oil extracted by Heylo.

This drink just won 2nd place at the 2022 Canna Chef Seattle awards in the edible drinks category! It keeps you glittering no matter what situation you find yourself in! Our 30mg waters and sodas are formulated for balancing flavor and efficacy. Relaxing, but not too heavy, 30mg is perfect for the Sparkle effect but doesn't keep on your couch. Great for going out, creative pursuits and activities!

Ingredients: All natural Blueberry flavoring, water, Full Spectrum Cannabis oil.

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About this brand

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Fractal Infused
Fractal Infused is committed to providing the better beverage experience by using all natural ingredients, pure Cane Sugar and always Full Spectrum Cannabis oil that has been CO2 extracted. We do not use distillate in our beverages. We believe that taking Cannabis should be an enjoyable experience, not one that makes you paranoid or agitated. We use full spectrum oil so that you can experience the plant the way nature intended with all of it's minor cannabinoids along with the THC.

We also use cutting edge micro emulsion technology to create a fast uptake time. This reduces overdose and let's you feel the high from our beverages in 10 -20 minutes unlike other edibles.

We are a family owned company and believe in community and the cannabis vibe and tribe. We are in over 200 stores in WA state, so check us out at your local dispensary. If your local dispensary isn't carrying MOJO, ask them to get their Mojo going!

You can follow us on instagram @ fractal.infused. We post here about events and specials that we are running with stores so it's a great way to find a deal on Mojo!
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