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Giving Tree Farms

Know Your Cannabis. Local, Organic, Certified.

About Us

For nearly 10 years, Giving Tree Farms has operated sungrown farms in Northern California. As demand for CBD-rich strains increased, a solution was needed to increase the availability without sacrificing the quality. In 2014, Giving Tree Farms began the process of implementing greenhouse environments.This greenhouse system enabled the more frequent sungrown crops using light-deprivation methods to increase the availability and consistency. Without forgoing product quality, the light-dep process mimics the sungrown experience and allows a plant to flower in a time of year that it would not naturally - when cultivated using traditional sungrown methods. This process utilizes a retractable blackout curtain system to block the sunlight and also can be used to prevent light pollution. The breathable walls and cover are able to allow ventilation for full airflow passage, while the plants are in total darkness in the greenhouse. This innovative system allows crops to be in a vegetative and bloom phase year round. Succession Planting Giving Tree Farms utilizes succession planting to ensure a consistent supply of flowers to take to market. In a traditional cultivation environment, a farmer plants in the spring and harvests in the fall. Using a succession method allows Giving Tree Farms to have product ready to take to market every few months. Environmental Impact With the implications of climate change, water and energy consumption have become a serious concern for the cannabis industry. Giving Tree Farms has found the usage of the greenhouse coupled with a raised pallet for aeration and CocoTek mats for holding moisture significantly reduces the amount of water consumption compared to sungrown cultivation required to flower the same strains. Innovations in energy technology now give cultivators choices. With the advancements in solar power and LED-fitted lamps Giving Tree Farms has the opportunity to take control of their environmental footprint and are working towards reduce their consumption requirements. These developments allow for products that rival sungrown and indoor quality without the energy consumption of a traditional indoor operation. Giving Tree Farms is diligently working to reduce their carbon footprint.

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