Organic Full-Spectrum CBD in MCT Oil - Orange Flavor - 600mg


About this product

Enough with all the acronyms, amirite? Let's break this tincture down and talk about why you’ll love it!

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides (which is another fancy word for oil — in this case, fractionated coconut oil), and CBD is short for cannabidiol. Our Organic CBD in MCT Oil is definitely one of the healthiest CBD options on the market.

This product is keto-friendly and may help to support a boost in energy and improved weight loss.

Our natural orange flavoring gives this tincture a boost and might be a perfect solution for you if you’re not a fan of the natural hempy taste.

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About this brand

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HempLucid has been a leading provider of premium CBD and other natural wellness products since 2016. With hundreds of thousands of bottles sold, our reputation for pure and potent hemp-derived products is well established nationwide.

We have led the way as innovators in the exciting hemp industry. Our CBD wellness products have won national acclaim and awards, with recognition from outlets like Forbes, CBD.IO, The Wall Street Journal, and High Times magazine. Our company has been awarded Best of Utah three years in a row by Salt Lake City Weekly magazine.

Having earned USDA Organic certification, we take pride in being an influential example of compliance and quality in the hemp-derived CBD industry. We are proud to sell a wide variety of natural products nationwide. HempLucid sells CBD, Delta 8 and other secondary cannabinoids, and mushroom blend products.

HempLucid is on a mission to manufacture exceptional products, heal ourselves and help others heal, and establish a platform for building a community of “well aware” people. We believe that groups of inspired people working together can change the world, and we are an inspired group of people who want to do it. We want to see a world consciously engaged in wellness of mind, body, and spirit.
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