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Anden Dehumidifiers

About this product

Anden dehumidifiers are perfectly suited for your indoor hydroponic garden. Designed to operate freestanding or in ducted applications, one high-capacity unit alone will remove up to 300 pints (142L) a day from your grow room.
Humidity levels can be the most difficult environmental factors to control. Humidity will fluctuate with changes in air temperature, plus plants add a constant supply of water vapor to the air through transpiration. Without a monitor and dehumidifier to control the levels in your hydroponic grow room, vapor pressure deficit (VPD) will drop, plant stomata close, and the take-up of water and nutrients stops. Excessively humid air directly contributes to problems such as foliar and root diseases, plant stress, loss of quality, low yields, and creates a breeding ground for insects and bacteria.
On the other hand, air that is not humid enough will cause excessive transpiration. As the plant diffuses water in dry conditions, it cannot be absorbed and replaced quickly enough by the root system. This retards your plants growth, producing slow growing and weak, poor quality plants.
Take control of your gardens climate with an easy to use, low maintenance solution from Anden. Their cutting edge dehumidifier technology uses automatic humidity sensing for efficient and effective removal of excess humidity. The Anden A300V1 holds a powerful blower inside the dehumidifier which draws air into the cabinet, filters that air and removes moisture, then discharges the dry air into the HVAC system or dedicated area of the indoor hydroponic garden. Inside the cabinet, a sealed refrigeration system continues the cycle and removes moisture by moving the air through a series of tubes and fins that are kept colder than the dew point of the incoming air. The dew point is the temperature at which moisture in the air will condense, much like what occurs on the outside of a cold glass on a hot summer day. The condensed moisture then drips into the dehumidifier drain pan to a drain tube which can be routed to the nearest floor drain or condensate pump. After the moisture is removed, the air moves through a second coil where it is reheated before being sent back into the grow room. The air leaving the dehumidifier will be warmer and drier than the air entering the dehumidifier.
The Anden A300V1 accepts multiple temperature and humidity sensors for more accurate and plant beneficial climate control. By gathering temperature and RH data from multiple points in the grow facility, such as canopy level and plant level, the Anden dehumidifier will calculate the average relative humidity and make adjustments accordingly.
The simple digital LCD control can be wall mounted for convenience with an optional mount. Plus, there are no messy trays to empty. Just once a year, clean or replace the filter.
All Anden dehumidifiers undergo rigorous reliability and durability testing, assuring the high-quality performance you expect.

- Capacity: Removes up to 300+ pints of moisture per day.
- E-coated coil protects refrigeration system from corrosion.
- Freestanding
- Hanging mounts (Optional)
- Ducted (Optional)
- Whisper-quiet performance
- ENERGY STAR® certified product.
- Comes with a 5-year warranty
- Made in USA
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