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Pour yourself a full bowl of yum with Chardonnay, an elegant strain with a stunning bouquet and even more stunning effects. With subtle notes of peach and cinnamon, this hoppy and relaxing strain will chill you to the max.

Our Chardonnay CBD hemp flower contains moderate levels of Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Guaiol and Myrcene, making for a subtle and refined experience. These sativa-dominant buds contain just the right levels of CBD and CBDA with a sparse volume of Humulene to give them that extra relieving touch.

Humulene is often used in the manufacture of craft beer and you’ll see why when you burn these buds. All of our Chardonnay nugs are dense, fuzzy and engineered for pure elation. Industrial Hemp Farms specializes in pesticide-free, genetically superior strains that will make your mouth water and your heart happy.

This one is simply too special to pass up. Pungent, skunky and citrusy, our Chardonnay CBD hemp flower is overwhelmingly aromatic without being overwhelming to the body or mind. Bigger and bolder than almost any other buds you’re likely to come across, Chardonnay will fill your home with a warm and inviting scent that will keep you blissful and bemused.

Chardonnay pairs nicely with our Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower for a fruity treat that’s bold and sweet. Try them today and tell us all about your good time. We welcome consumer feedback and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

All chemicals are properly analyzed and approved prior to distribution. Our CBD hemp flowers have been found to be below 0.3% THC before harvest. Precise concentrations may vary from strain to strain. This product is Farm Bill compliant and comes with proper legal certification.

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About this brand

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Industrial Hemp Farms
Industrial Hemp Farms is a CBD and hemp wholesale business-to-business company. We are vertically integrated from seed to sale and involved in every aspect of the hemp farming and CBD industries. IHF LLC has built a network of farms and hemp farming partnerships. We boast several Colorado-based hemp farming joint-ventures and a 1500 farm co-op in Columbia.

CBD Hemp Flower:
IHF sells retail and wholesale bulk CBD hemp flower online and offline. Our premium CBD hemp flower is indoor grown with visible crystals and no seeds - Exactly what every customer wants to see. Our company is also registered with USPS and UPS and the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture to legally ship CBD hemp flower to all 50 states. This is why hundreds of wholesale customers have choose to deal with us for their CBD hemp flower supply.

CBD Distillate, T-Free Distillate, Isolate & Decarboxylated CBD Crude Oil:
IHF wholesale and retails CBD kilograms. We own our own extraction lab in Denver, CO from where we use our own or purchased 12-14% hemp biomass to extract various CBD products. In 2019, THC-free distillate has been our hottest seller due to our competitive price and market demand. Our Decarboxylated CBD Crude and isolate have also been hot sellers in the hemp wholesale market.

Wholesale Hand-Shucked CBD Hemp Biomass:
Our company wholesales pounds of 12-14% hand-shucked CBD hemp biomass. We also offer extraction services at a tolling rate depending on the finished product. ;

Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds for Sale:
IHF LLC wholesales various strains of feminized hemp seeds. We have an overstock of Cherry Wine CBD hemp feminized seeds in Colorado. Industrial Hemp Farms is one of the top sellers of feminized CBD hemp seeds with quality genetics in the Colorado area.

CBD Hemp Clones for Sale in Colorado:
IHF LLC offers CBD hemp clones for sale in Colorado. We have a selection of clones, mini-mothers, mothers and giant mothers in multiple strains. If your CBD farming company is looking for quality hemp clones, you can reach out to our sales team. We include a specialty hemp transport company with all our hemp farming wholesale products and clones for sale. ;

Hemp Farming Futures Contracts & Joint-Venture Partnerships:
IHF LLC believes in vertical integration and successful partnerships within the hemp farming and CBD industry. One such service we offer is hemp farming future contracts, which have become a popular opportunity to secure a win-win deal on both sides of the equation.

CBD Extraction Services in Denver, Colorado:
As stated, we also have an in-house CBD extraction lab. We offer this as a service where we can offering tolling at reasonable rates for various CBD finished products.

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