Cake Baby 1G Classy Cart (Sweet)

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The Flavor - ILLICIT sciences brings you another take on a classic strain, Cake Baby. Think Pound Cake and Blue Dream, with a sweet infusion of berry, lemons, and happiness. You’ll be skipping dessert and opting for a pull from this popular pen. With myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, patients report less anxiety and a noticeable breakthrough in the fog, rounding out a tasty and pleasant experience.

The Process - Our distillate cartridges are born from the coldest of methods using high-quality flowers and high-quality equipment which creates the highest quality of oil. This golden nectar is never diluted with fillers or stuff that doesn’t belong in a vape cartridge. ILLICIT Sciences distillate is for those that crave a little flavor and fun with their method of medicating. (510 thread) Offering the latest in break-through medical vape technology engineering, TPK full ceramic cartridges are designed to work with higher viscosity oils above 70% and outperforms other market leaders with a strong focus on consumer health and safety. These dental grade ceramics are biocompatible and have a hardness of at least 7 on the Mohs scale. Uniform heating. No burning. Trusted industry-wide to deliver optimal vapor and pure flavor.

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While you're enjoying cannabis responsibly, thousands remain behind bars for doing the same thing. We work to liberate cannabis POWs while bringing responsible use into the mainstream.

ILLICIT works with local and national advocacy groups to support the release of cannabis POWs, while bringing responsible medical cannabis into the mainstream. The data doesn't lie, and marijuana prohibition is a wrong we're working to right. Our organization is part of a growing national coalition challenging everyone to ask:


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  • MO, US: CUL000019
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