Joy Bombs Sour Fruit (4pk) - 2.5mg THC ea (10mg Total)


About this product

Satisfy your sweet (& sour!) tooth with Sour Fruit Joy Bombs! Each 10mg pouch includes one of each tart, tangy, mouth-watering flavor: Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry & Watermelon!

Joy Bombs Candy-Coated Fruit Chews are purposefully dosed to help you dial in or stack the milligrams and effects that you want – but good luck trying to eat just one! With 2.5mg THC in each bite-sized piece, you can micro-dose for days or nom the whole pouch! Joy Bombs’ signature sugary shell means they'll melt in your mind, but not in your car or pocket. They’re the UNGUMMY you’ve been waiting for!

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About this brand

Why shouldn’t shopping for infused treats at a dispensary make you feel like a kid in a candy store? The sugar wizards here at Joyibles are finding that fun again with unique, throwback candy-coated edibles that stand out from the glut of gummies oversaturating the market.

Joy Bombs are our hot new candy-coated fruit chews with a precise dose of 2.5mg of THC in each bite sized piece. With 40 bombs per full-size bag, you can low-dose for days or nom the whole pouch for a 100mg adventure! Non-melting, shareable, stackable, and snackable!

Joygum is the first and only patented THC infused chewing gum. Made with broad spectrum oil for an undetectable taste, its genius comes in the form of quick absorption through the lining of your mouth, providing a rapid onset much faster than regular edibles.


  • CO, US: 404-00058
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