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Klever Garden - Grow Box

About this product

Complete mobile solution of your grow tent, grow room, or greenhouse from anywhere in the world! Monitor the temperature, humidity, time of day, and soil moisture. Automate any number of devices such as grow lights, hall lights, fans, blowers, exhausts, heaters, air conditioners, CO2 generators, dehumidifiers, and more. There are 5 outlets on board to help you get started and easily add our wireless outlets. With our solution, you can grow from a small grow tent to a 1 acre greenhouse!

Operates your lights, fans, blowers, exhausts, CO2 generators, dehumidifiers and more.
Monitor your grow tent or grow room from anywhere in the world.
Efficiently deliver water with 2 pumps to deliver the correct amount of water.
Control your water on a schedule or with smart rules such as low soil moisture.
Control your lights on a schedule or with smart rules for greenhouses where light in addition to sunlight
Smart rules can detect abnormalities and send alerts to your phone.
Control humidity by misting or dehumidifiers.
Sophisticated scheduler or smart rules to control the temperature.
Smart rules can detect high temperatures and shutoff any devices that could be generating heat.
Control misting or dehumidifying to keep your humidity at the desired range.
Easy to use smartphone app for android and ios.
Operates with 120 volts / 60Hz / 15 Amps
5 year warranty and best warranty service

• This unit has sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and Light.
•This will have 5 outlets to control your lights, fan, exhaust, dehumidifier, or CO2 generator.
•1 Water Delivery via (High Volume Pump, Dosing Pump, or Water Hose/Faucet Valve). You will choose 1 water delivery mechanism
•This unit allow wireless add-ons that can be purchased on our website to add more sensors, outlets, or pumps.

Complete instructional video
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About this brand

Logo for the brand Klever Garden
Klever Garden
Klever Garden produces Automated Grow Controllers for Growing Cannabis affordably. Our goal is to automate growth of Cannabis from Seed to Harvest so that you it takes the worry out of growing some of the best strains. With our community supported app, there are grow profiles for many strains. Why create your own profile when you can start with a profile that is known to work. With our products, get scientific repeatable growth. Why try to manually feed and raise your plants with the high cost of seeds? Make every seed count!

Our solution supports a community of growers to be able to share knowledge, do’s and don’ts, grow profiles, and much more. With our app and website we will be committed to helping connect the community to be able to truly support each other. We would also like the help of the community to help direct our efforts of product development and improvement.

With the Klever Garden system you will be able to produce some of the best strains and species of Cannabis. With no height restrictions in grow tents or grow rooms, you can easily grow 5 foot plants! This would provide amazing yields that you simply can’t get in other commercially available grow boxes.

With the precision of our watering, minerals, and PH controls, you will have thick luscious crops waiting to harvest. With the high cost of Cannabis seeds, you want to make sure that your results are great. Our scientific repeatable processes, make that a reality.

The community profiles have hundreds of strains and species of cannabis. Choose an existing strain or start with a strain that is close, you can always customize the automation and schedules.

Our job is to help you achieve the best results and not be an expert, and that’s what our goal is.